About Me

/Visual artist, ilustrator nad graphic designer/

* born 1979, Maribor, Slovenia

* working and living in Neu-Ulm, Germany

* available for any kind of project work or collaborations




Odlicna Hisa, Zelolepo, Svet Knjige, Müller, Vodeb - Marta Vodeb, Produkti idej - Karmen Maticic, Infiniti MRM, Yildiz, Konteksta d.o.o - Lutman Design, Ven Jemersic, Design Studio Lunatik, Design Studio Sovre, Electrix (band), Bownr (musician),Friendly Produciton, Lud Literatura, Studio Moderna, New Moment, Ethnographic Museum Ljubljana, UGM Maribor, Modna - Aljosa Rebolj (photographer), Andrea Effe, Rob.si, Rehapro (Praxis für Krankengymnastik und physikalische Therapie), Heidi Jelic - Yoga Shala


Distinctive artistic expression of the young visual artist Jana Fak has developed early and through various fine arts. The fusion of painting, digital graphics and graphic design reflects her holistic creative personality. Her graphic design concept involves posters, flyers, T-shirts, CDs and CD covers, logos, etc., enriched through her illustration experience.
She derives from the concept of drawing which has become a carrier of the form design, simultaneously supplementing her depictions with generally symbolic color coatings. This delivers a contrasting, but at the same time harmonic effect of an interaction between the two-dimensional drawing- and picturesque approach, including the impression of floating.
The achieved spatial illusion is intensified through use of multiple layers produced with help of a larger amount of transparent »pictures«, symbolizing various levels of consciousness and sub-consciousness, which results in a frequent complexity of different visual motifs that form a statement.
The center of attention are doubtlessly the artist's self-portraits, portraits of her friends and celebrity people like Björk etc., at the same time there are various animals, mostly birds and insects, including different comic book characters or toys resembling Japanese anime and, last but not least, flowers (roses).
This way she often depicts objects and backgrounds as allusions to digital or classical graphics, with visible pixels and raster graphics, also using acrylic on canvas. The character of her depictions is extremely dichotomous, for it incessantly unites the childlike and the (homo) erotic, often seasoned with humor which sometimes develops into cynicism. At times it includes violence, especially against women.
Another significant statement element is doubtlessly her love for fashion,especially clothes, shoes, accessories and modelling, often including shots of models taken by the photographer Aljosa Rebolj, resulting in the effect of a digital collage.
Jana Fak's artwork therefore points out her many-sided creative personality which successfully links fictitious technological, formal and content-oriented contradictions into logical statements, as well as individual contemporary European and Far Eastern iconographic characteristics into original combinations that can hardly be found within the Slovenian art scene.

(Mario Berdic, Currator, Media Nox Gallery)